thinking tattoos

On a day to day basis when dealing with tattoo enquiries, the first thing I’m generally asked is about the cost… How much for this size? What will it cost for one word? What do you charge an hour? The list goes on… Whilst it’s hard to determine an accurate quote without a personal consultation to analyse the placement, size and accurate time frames, it seems that more often than not, cost is the deciding factor when it comes to getting tattooed. We understand that money makes the world go round…

But when it comes to people skimping out on quality work purely due to the fact they can get their ink done at a cheaper rate, the mind boggles to comprehend it. Now yes, we have a set hourly rate and a minimum price for smaller tattoo work, and we can tell you how much that all is, and while you think you can probably estimate how long it will take and how much your tattoo should cost, it always pays to come in and get an accurate quote. But before it even gets to that, do yourself a favour, do some research… Look up our website, our Facebook page, check out our artists and their work, their specialised styles and ability to adapt before asking for a quote, In fact do this with every tattooist you consider.

This process sets your priorities in the right order, the quality of work before cost. Too many times people have gone the cheaper option and ended up with a less than satisfactory result. With the amount of cover ups we are subject to doing, it’s sad to see that these people who managed to originally save a bit of quid to begin with, are now having to fork out more than what they were originally quoted to have it done in the first place. Nothing irritates me more than having to shell out more than once just to have one product or service should I say, to the standard I want it.

It’s even more frustrating when it’s something I could have easily avoided had of I taken the time to properly research the services and people I was dealing with first. So while cheap tattoos may seem like the quickest option to get ink, (bearing in mind quality artists with a waiting list are generally worth the wait) more often than not, it ends up being the most expensive option in the long run. Especially if you go so cheap as to visit a scratcher (back yarder/home tattooist/ whatever you want to call it)… No matter how good the price or artwork appears, getting tattooed from anywhere outside a studio (with conventions being the exception) is a bad BAD idea…. You may as well save the extra couple hundred you were quoted from a studio on medical expenses and a cover-up or laser cos you’re gonna need it. I mean sure, the equipment is sterile (well you’d hope, I mean that does fall under the common sense category right?)  the place looks clean, and the artist has some skills. But I honestly don’t think any cost saving is worth the potential to pick up hepatitis… Even the risk of infection is a concern. Tattooing is a painful enough experience, throw in an infection and it’s enough to turn anyone against booking in for more ink anytime in the foreseeable future.

Not to mention if you’re clueless enough to get work done from home, you’ll most likely end up with a tattoo you’re not too proud to show off and it will only be a matter of time before you book in somewhere to get it fixed up or covered. No ragrets right??

So use a bit of initiative…. you’re looking to get tattooed? got a rough idea on what you want to get done? Awesome! Look up as many studios as you can, who specialises in the style you’re interested in getting? Whose done similar work? Do they have healed photos? How busy are they? What’s the waiting list like? (Yes the waiting game is less than fun at the best of times but hey, good things come to those who wait) and finally how much do they charge? Weigh all of these options up. I’m not saying that the most expensive is always best either, trust me, it’s a competitive field out there and people base their price on how they see fit. So while I say the cheapest option is far from the best option, the most expensive may not necessarily be either.

At the end of the day, the best option is to know your artist. These days with social media and the limitless resources online, researching local tattooists and their tattoo work can be done within minutes and finally, don’t be scared to ask questions… If you see an artists style or work you like, or have been recommended by someone, call the studio, email, pop in if your close by, send messages, whatever you are most comfortable with (bearing in mind those who call into the premises or call generally get prioritised). Find out the waiting time, booking and consultation procedure and finally discuss cost to ensure your budget permits. Yes, saving money is great, I think we can all be a little impartial to a sale, but when it comes to tattoos, are the risks, embarrassment and long term financial repercussions worth saving a bit of money for?…


Blog by Kate Deverix