Art n Soul Tattoo Studio
Art n Soul Tattoo Studio

Cover Ups

With the Art n Soul teams wide range of experience and skills, they are the prime candidates for covering up your old unwanted tattoos.

For those of you who have tattoos you regret, do not fear. The team at Art n Soul will help develop a design that will meet your expectations whilst completely covering what there once was.

Call the team at Art n Soul to do something about your unwanted tattoo!


Art n Soul Tattoo Studio


Art n Soul takes pride in their tattoo work, ensuring all clients needs are met, from the moment the consultation process starts, all through to the explanation of aftercare after you have received your new body art work.

The consultation process enables one of the experienced artists to discuss with you your design ideas and requests and then allows them to develop a design that suits your design style and personality. The team have an extensive selection of reference material to provide inspiration when designing your tattoo. They take the time to draw custom designs to ensure that you are more than satisfied with the final artwork before the tattoo process begins.

With the highest of health standards being maintained, the team utilizes only the best products to ensure you receive a professional, clean, safe and long lasting tattoo. Art n Soul guarantees you to get the best of the best service.

Art n Soul Tattoo Studio

Touch Ups

Art n Soul artists know how to work their magic when it comes to bringing back old, faded or disappointing tattoos to life.

The artists at Art n Soul will take an old tattoo that you may regret and be afraid to show, and turn it into a piece of art you can be proud of and wear with pride.