Your First Tattoo

So you’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo for some time, you already know what you would like and you have made the correct decision of getting your ink done in a professional tattoo studio and not in your mate’s basement.


First of all, make sure that you know what tattoo design you want. It’s important to put a lot of thought into this as it is permanent. The worse thing you could do is make an impulse decision and rush the process.


Make sure that you have something to eat before going into the studio to keep your blood sugar up. This will minimise the chances of light-headedness.


Wear clean, comfortable clothing, avoid wearing light colour clothing as during the process you will bleed a little and risk staining your clothes.


Communicate with your artist. Let them know if you need a breather as breaks are not uncommon during the procedure.


DO NOT consume alcohol, take drugs that are not prescribed to you, or anticoagulants as all these thin the blood and could have detrimental effects on your tattoos quality and your health.