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Tattoo Artist

Felicity is an eccentric artist who has been with Art n Soul since 2020. She has excelled through her first year of tattooing with her extremely clean line work, as well as her passion and flair for custom art.

Inspired by the weird and wonderful, Felicity has a penchant for unconventional art. From the bizarre, to the sinister, to the flamboyant, she loves anything out of the ordinary.

Felicity strives to ensure everyone feels comfortable, understood and at ease throughout their tattoo experience, from the first meeting to the final product. With an open mind, Felicity also has a passion for celebrating diversity, encouraging self expression and freedom through the art of tattooing.

Outside of tattooing, Felicity enjoys everything over the top; theme parks, colourful makeup, the circus, art exhibitions, pride parades, burlesque, musical theatre, and any excuse to wear a costume!